AUCTION LINK:;storeName=event

Submission of consignments is now over for the WDD.2014 Summer Online Auction which will be hosted by WDD is committed to making greater strides with our marketing and promotional efforts, and we are excited about our plans for the upcoming event.

We considered consignments that fit any of the following criteria:

  • two and three letter .com/.in domains
  • two and three number .com domains
  • one and two word .com/.in domains that name a product, service or industry
  • one and two word .com/.in domains with generic meanings, which are great for branding
  • other domains that have high traffic or revenue are always welcomed

The last day for submitting names to auction was 12th August, 2014. We received 4500+ submissions from over 100 domain investors.


1. WDD.Auction is being hosted by on their website and is subject to their standard T&C.

2. Commissions are 15%, just like for other SnapNames auctions.

3. Bidders can bid online from anywhere in the world.

4. Auction Bidding Link would be released on 23rd August at noon. Auction will last till September 4.

5. Auction Link Opened:;storeName=event

Update: AUCTION LINK:;storeName=event

Section 1: .COM & Older gTLDs [$5k-$10k] [$25k-$50k] [$500-$1k] [$5k-$10k] [NO RESERVE] [Awaited] [$25k-$50k] [$2.5k-$5k] [$1k-$2.5k] [$25k-$50k] [$25k-$50k] [No Reserve] [$5k-$10k] [$5k-$10k] [$1k-$2.5k] [$25k-$50k] [$25k-$50k] [$2.5k-$5k] [$100k-$250k] [$25k-$50k] [$100k+] [$25k-$50k] [$25k-$50k] [$25k-$50k] [$5k-$10k] [$50k-$100k] [NO RESERVE] [$2.5k-$5k] [$100k+] [$100k+] [$500-$1k] [$50k-$100k] [Awaited] [$1k-$2.5k] [No Reserve] [$10k-$25k] [$10k-$25k] [$25k-$50k] [$50k-$100k] [$2.5k-$5k] [$25k-$50k] [$25k-$50k][$5k-$10k][$2k-$5k] [$100k+] [$1k-$2.5k] [$10k-$25k] [$5k-$10k] [NO RESERVE][$2k-$5k] [$100k+] [$10k-$25k] [$100k-$250k][$50k-$100k] [$500-$1000] [$1k-$2k] [$2k-$5k] [$50k-$100k] [Awaited] [$2.5k-$5k] [$25k-$50k] [$50k-$100k] [$100-$500][$10k-$25k] [$50k-$100k][$1k-$2k] [No Reserve] [$10k-$25k][$10k-$25k] [$1k-$2.5k] [$25k-$50k] [$50k-$100k][$2k-$5k] [Awaited] [No Reserve] [$50k-$100k] [$100k+] [$100-$500][$50k-$100k] [$25k-$50k] [$1k-$2.5k] [Awaited] [$500-$1000] [$250k-$500k][$100k] [$500-$1k] [$10k-$25k] [$100k+] [Awaited] [$50k-$100k] [$5k-$10k] [$5k-$10k] [$10k-$25k][$1k-$2k] [$25k-$50k] [$1k-$2.5k][$10k-$25k]

Section 2: .INs

Update 21st Aug: We have to pull out .IN names from auction, following an advisory from the .IN registry indicating not to auction .IN names.


Section 3: New gTLDs

Brokerage.Services [$10k-$25k] [$50k-$100k]

I.Careers [$10k-$25k]

I.Photography [$25k-$50k]

USA.Services [$10k-$25k]

Smart.Glass [$25k-$50k]

Toppers.Club [$500-$1k]

Social.Pink [No Reserve]


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