Arto Arto Isokoski

Arto Isokoski is the chief executive and co-founder of TLD Registry Ltd. Arto is also a partner in directory assistance innovator Suomen 16100 Ltd, and owner of Apila Media, a provider of mobile, internet and consulting related services.

Prior to founding TLD Registry Ltd, Arto held a variety of business development and project management roles at innovative technology and media companies in Finland such as Finnet Media, Jutel and Tecono. He was also an R&D engineer at Nokia for over five years.

Arto is passionate about creating internet and mobile services businesses. His strengths lie not only in his ability to spot market opportunities but also his strong business development and managerial capabilities that enable him to turn an idea into a successful business.

An engineer at heart, Arto has a keen interest in mobile devices and all things internet related and is well recognized in Finland for his expertise in creating a range of internet and mobile services businesses.

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